Simone Jude is a photographer and composer based in San Francisco


Simone directs inventive, high energy, polished films and videos. She loves all aspects of the creative process, from coming up with innovative concepts to finessing a video in post production. In directing documentaries, she excels at capturing intimate moments and translating them into compelling visual stories. Making music videos, she produces original ideas that amplify the music’s power. She also enjoys directing powerful videos for non-profits, narrative shorts, and meaningful event videos. Simone is available as a directing consultant as well – she enjoys translating pipe dreams into feasible yet stunning visual messages.


Simone shoots striking and memorable scenes for a diverse range of film and video projects. Her professional expertise in the latest Canon DSLR technology (from shooting to media management), as well as her proficiency in the Canon 5D, 7D, and Sony HD cameras makes her a valuable asset on any crew. From beautifully lit interviews to fast-paced, outdoor, cinema verite, Simone’s striking images stand out. Simone appreciates working with the newest technology on big budget features, but remains committed to creating quality images for projects with lower budgets. She believes that a keen eye, dynamic lighting, and a dramatic moment are all you need to create the brilliant image of your dreams. Well-versed in lighting and able to deliver quality sound, Simone is a capable multi-tasker who provides on set.


Simone composes short pieces and original soundtracks for commercial and independent videos and films. Though her first love was piano, she quickly grew to enjoy composing on live guitar, bass, and drums. Now she composes gritty electronic pieces using Logic Pro, cinematic songs on the keyboard, and funky riffs using a combination of her favorite musical tools. Simone especially enjoys working with filmmakers to enhance a film’s mood, providing spellbinding music that can transition quickly from lingering background music to an auditory climax at the perfect moment. She is also thrilled to collaborate with other musicians on films, live performances, and recorded tracks.


Self Portrait